Fun things to do this fall

Okay, so I'm going to resist the urge to be cliché and say that fall is my fav season.  Because, in reality, I love each season and the fun that they bring.  Fall is particularly exciting because it means the beginning of the holiday season which for us ends with Ava's birthday the day after Christmas.  Aaaand it means pumpkin spice everything! I know, I said I wouldn't be cliché.

I was inspired to do this blog post by my grandma, who is the sweetest.  She recently mailed me People magazine's list of 100 things to do with your kids in fall which motivated me to make our own list and share it with you.  Fall is really a fun time to get out with your kids and explore. So here's my list.   I hope you guys enjoy!

1. Go to a pumpkin patch (duh!)

We like going to Keema's Pumpkin Farm in Elk Grove.  You can see animals and take a hayride to pick pumpkins.

2. Go apple picking.

We try to make a point to go to Apple Hill every year.  We pick apples, have lunch, and enjoy the activities.  They always have lots of yummy apple-flavored treats and this year I'm hoping to make an apple pie from the apples. So far we have been to Denver Dans and High Hill Ranch and both were so fun.  Try to go early in the season if you can.

3. Make pumpkin spice pancakes. 

Pancakes are our Sunday morning ritual.  So naturally, pumpkin spice pancakes are just necessary for fall.  You can find a vegan recipe for them here.

4. Carve and decorate pumpkins

If your littles are too small or you don't want to make a mess, consider just decorating paper pumpkins or doing educational pumpkin activities.  Find a printable like this one and have some fun!

5. Go to story time at the library.

We are lucky to live closeby to a library.  Check online to see when your local library has story time.

6.  Try a new essential oil blend. 

My current favorite is grapefruit and cedarwood.  Just add 10 drops of grapefruit and 8 drops of cedarwood and enjoy!

7. Visit a children's museum.

If you're local to Sacramento, check out the Sacramento Children's Museum in Rancho Cordova, or one of the museums in Old Sac.

8. Make apple cider and watch hocus pocus.

One of my favorite holiday memories is the smell of apple cider throughout the house when my mom used to make it.  I just buy apple cider from the store, my favorite is Trader Joe's, and pour it into a large pot with two cinnamon sticks.  Then I just let it simmer until its ready to drink.  Perfect to snuggle up and watch your favorite Halloween movie!