Essential Oils At Home: How We Incorporate Essential Oils Into Our Day

Have you guys heard about essential oils?! I'm sure you have by now and you're probably wondering the same things I was. What is all this fuss about?! Are they worth it? I have been wanting to try essential oils for the longest and am so excited to get to share with you what I have learned so far, including how I have incorporated them into my home.

So what are essential oils anyway?  Essential oils are basically the essence of a plant.  They are concentrated and very potent, so you don't need to use a lot at once to get the job done.  They can be used for everything from home cleaning, to skin care, freshening up a room, or improving your mood.  There are a lot of essential oils out there so be sure to do your research about the benefits of each essential oil when you are deciding on which ones to buy.  For example, lavender essential oil is known to help you sleep and eucalyptus is good for when you are sick.  If you are just trying them out, I would recommend getting lavender, eucalyptus, cedarwood, frankincense and sweet orange to start.

I recently had the opportunity of trying out some amazing essential oils from a company called Vitruvi.  What I love about this brand is that their essential oils are high-quality but still much more affordable than other places online.  Their diffusers are gorgeous and have a modern look that go with any home dΓ©cor.  As a mother, I especially find peace in knowing that the diffuser doesn't heat the water or the oils.  This ensures that the oils will be kept at a temperature where they can work best and makes me feel safe in knowing that if one of the girls knock the diffuser over we won't be taking a trip to the ER. They also have a lot of resources on their website to help you learn how to use the oils.  You can read more on their website, here.

Since I started using essential oils, they have become a part of my every day routine.  Every morning when I get up I start our Vitruvi diffuser in the living room to run for 3.5 hours and it just helps set the mood for the day. Right now, my favorite blend is 10 drops frankincense, 10 drops cedarwood and 8 drops sweet orange.   I love how the scent fills up the entire front half of the apartment and lingers down the hall.  I like our mornings to be slow and peaceful because I've found if I try get going too fast it's too much for the girls.  When it's nap time for the girls, I get the diffuser going about 30 minutes before they lay down.  We like to use 10 drops of lavender to help them drift off to sleep. If I'm having a rough day, I like to take a bath with Epsom salt and about 10 drops lavender essential oil while I diffuse lavender and eucalyptus (10 drops each).  It really helps me relax and gives the bathroom a spa-like feel.  At night, we set our Vitruvi diffuser to run for 7.5 hours and add 10 drops lavender, 5 drops eucalyptus and 5 drops frankincense.  It helps us sleep better and wake up more relaxed and ready for the day. On the weekends, I use the essential oils to help me clean, which I will be sharing more about  in a separate post soon!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and have a great week! If you decide to try out essential oils, let me know what you think! If you're a pro, I'd love to hear your favorite blends. 

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